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SIRIUSFOREX.com provide retail traders online forex trading expert research and analysis. Our market reports and daily commentaries give traders a head-start. We combine traders' training with forex trading skills to produce profitable market results. Could you afford not joining us? Find out more..

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Why Choose Forex Trading Over Stocks Trading?


Why should you choose forex trading over stocks trading? Forex trading holds vital differences to stocks trading. Understanding these differences can help a trader when making a decision on the right market to trade. Forex trading has huge … Continue Reading...

What’s New in Forex Trading?

What's New in Forex Trading?
Our trading strategies. Our goal is to provide trading tools that caters for your diverse needs as a trader. This allow you to leverage your skills for trading profits. Our simple top-down approach to trading helps our traders define and plan their target levels. Above all, our training will help you to explore your trading decisions in relax and controlled space. We give you the tools that enables you to balance your approach to forex trading. What is this worth to you?

Forex Trading Services?

What's New in Forex Trading?
At Sirius Forex trading we run a unique trading system. Every staff is trained to be first a trader and then a fund manager. This unique simple model allows us to play to people's strength while the business grows. We trade forex and commodity markets to provide best returns for our clients. Whilst we are doing our best for the good of mankind and meeting clients' needs, we also strive for good customer services. We see working with you as a great opportunity to serve your financial interests. How may we help you?

Is Forex Trading Easy?

What's New in Forex Trading?
There are no easy financial jobs let alone forex trading - the most complex of them all. Our trading tools and strategies might make winning look easy but forex trading is never easy. It demands focus, dedication and commitment. To learn more why not get your free weekly analysis from the links below.