Why Choose Forex Trading Over Stocks Trading?


Forex trading holds vital differences to stocks trading. Understanding these differences can help a trader when making a decision on the right market to trade. What could be the main reasons for any trader to choose forex trading over stocks trading? Is it ideal for the beginners and individuals with little investments skills? Find out mores..

Forex: Yen Powers Away


LONDON: Yen powers away on morning trades as investors find entry positions in a weak and feeble euro markets after recent weeks poor macro report. The EUR, GBP and USD, all opened lower from Friday’s trading session as these currencies were seen as riskier haven.  The one that has suffered the most ‘bloody nose’ is [...]

Euro Rests At Pivot


LONDON: Euro Rests at Pivot today on intra-day trading. The day began slowly with traders feeding on crumbs and playing snatch and grab for pips on overnight trades from Asia and Pacific sessions. The August UK Public Sector Finances, news brought some volatility to the pound sterling and the euro related currencies. This led to [...]

Trading Rule


Sirius forex trading rule for profitability are designed to educate our service users for maximum reward. It starts with defining your financial goals and developing strategies to get there. How long will it take to get there? What sacrifices do I have to make? Knowing what it would take before hand goes a long way [...]

Euro Recedes To 40 Pips Range


Euro recedes to 40 pips range amid low volatility. The euro has seen a bearish week as it emerge from last Friday’s stalemate with London. With investors looking for safe haven in other currencies like the dollar and sterling, most traders could say they saw it coming. As the euro has fallen into the range market, could [...]